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Benefits of Wearing Compression Shorts

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Spider Guard Compression Shorts

If you’ve ever watched sports on TV and saw your favorite male professional athlete wearing form-fitting shorts that look like they’re made of spandex, he’s wearing compression shorts.

What are compression shorts?

Compression shorts are undergarments made of polyester and a tight spandex-like elastic. They’re kind of like a cross between a girdle and really tight bike shorts since they fit so snugly (about 15% smaller than a regular size). They’re intended to be worn next to your skin like underwear. Besides you can’t really wear underwear under compression shorts anyway since they’ll likely to double up and become uncomfortable.

Compression shorts are often worn under uniforms or looser-fitting shorts during training. They’re designed to be worn in place of an athletic supporter or jock strap. They come in two options: 1) one with a pouch to hold an athletic cup, or 2) one without a pouch.

Compression shorts come in various lengths, however, they’re typically mid-thigh length.

What are the benefits of compression shorts?

Compression shorts provide several benefits to athletes:

  • They support the muscles in your abdomen, buttocks and thighs, holding them in place when you twist, stretch or pivot during a game or strenuous exercise.
  • They keep your muscles warm by compressing the tissue, so less damage occurs to the muscles. This action can help delay or prevent muscle soreness, swelling and fatigue.
  • They help increase blood flow to your muscles which can enhance your athletic performance.
  • They speed up the removal of acids and other byproducts of physical activity from your muscles, helping to reduce cramps and pulls.
  • They wick away sweat from your body, dispersing it faster. You’ll stay cooler; and you’ll have less chafing and rashes.
  • The compression from the shorts can protect you against deep vein thrombosis which can cause harmful blood clots.
  • They lift and support the penis and testicles, holding them close to your body and out of the way of movement to protect your privates from injury. Some variations have a pouch which can hold an athletic cup for added protection.

Many athletes prefer wearing compression shorts when running or playing football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey and tennis, because they’re more comfortable to wear than a traditional athletic supporter – especially since there aren’t any bands to dig into their skin.

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