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How to Buy the Right Size Athletic Supporter

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An athletic supporter or jockstrap is a critical piece of sporting equipment for male athletes. An athletic supporter without a plastic cup provides male athletes with additional support when running, cycling, in-line skating or playing a friendly game of basketball. While a jockstrap used with a plastic cup provides greater protection when playing contact sports like football, soccer and lacrosse in which you have a greater risk of a groin injury from a direct hit from a fast-moving ball, piece of equipment, or an arm, leg or foot.

Besides being effective against potential injuries, an athletic supporter must be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. But how do you determine what size jockstrap to wear?

Determine which type of athletic support you will need – a regular or cup style.

If you’ll be participating in a non-contact sport, like jogging, track and field, swimming or diving, in which you just need genital support, a regular athletic supporter with a mesh pouch will be adequate. If you’re playing a contact sport, like baseball, football or ice hockey, you will need cup style jockstrap. Ultimately, your decision will be based on how much protection you want.

Determine if you’ll wear your jockstrap over or under your boxers or briefs.

It is recommended that you wear your athletic supporter under your boxers or briefs. You want the pouch of the jockstrap to fit snugly against your skin to protect your privates, especially if you’re wearing a cup. However, some men and boys prefer to wear their jockstrap over their underwear.

The size of an athletic supporter is based on waist circumference – not cup size.

Using a flexible tape measure, measure the circumference of your waist at the widest part of your waist or at the point of your waist where you normally wear your pants. Round the number up to the nearest quarter inch. If you plan to wear your jockstrap over your underwear, take your measurements while wearing your boxers or briefs. You will likely need to purchase a larger size to accommodate the added fabric of your underwear.

Use your waist measurement to determine which athletic supporter size to wear.

To determine whether you should wear a small, medium, large or extra large, look at the waist circumference for each size listed in inches on the package.

Note: The size can vary between manufacturers. In general, an adult small is between 26 to 32 inches. A medium is 34 to 38 inches. A large is between 40 to 44 inches. If you are in between sizes, it’s recommended that you choose a smaller size, so the pouch fits snugly against your body.

For children’s athletic supporters, the size will be the same size as their underwear. If your son is going to wear the jockstrap over his underwear, choose one size larger. 

Try on the athletic supporter to make sure it fits correctly and comfortably.

It should be tight enough to lift and hold your genitals close to your body. However, it shouldn’t be too tight that it causes chafing. If the pouch is too tight, you may need to go up to the next size to accommodate your genitals comfortably. If this is the case, you may need to have waistband size altered down in order for the jockstrap to fit correctly.

Check the fit of the elastic straps that wrap around your thighs. The straps should fit snugly, so they don’t twist or roll. But they also shouldn’t pinch your skin. If the jockstrap fits around your waist, but the straps are too tight around your thighs, you may need to have the thigh straps altered by a tailor to make them a little bigger. Or, you can buy a larger waist size and have the waistband taken in.

If you’re going to wear a cup with your athletic supporter, make sure the cup fits snugly against your body when it’s held within the pouch.

If the cup is too tight, choose a supporter in a larger waist size. If the waistband is too big then, have it altered by a tailor, if needed. Refer to the article on the Spider Guard website, How to Choose an Athletic Cup, for more information about on how to select a cup. 

Spider Guard Competition Cup and Athletic Supporter for a Comfortable Fit

The Spider Guard athletic supporter is made with breathable, 360-degree stretch fabric, so it expands in every direction, ensuring optimal comfort and superior mobility. The 2-inch wide waistband and the 0.5-inch leg straps have a soft touch, plush inside for a secure, comfortable fit. The cup pouch is designed for excellent lift and support.

The Spider Guard Competition Cup provides you with more protection than a standard cup. Our revolutionary design enables you to have more lateral movement while still providing the same security as a standard hard cup.

To order your Spider Guard Competition Cup and athletic supporter, visit our online shop today.


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