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We purchased the jock strap w/ Spider Guard cup for our 11 year old son who plays baseball (Youth League & Traveling).
We have tried name brand cups & he was constantly adjusting & uncomfortable wearing them.
He was instantly comfortable with the Spider Guard & no adjusting (or arguing about having to wear it).
We value our son’s protection, but comfort is a must!
Thanks for making such a great product.
We highly recommended your product to all of our friends & family & will continue to do so!

Stacy Sullivan

On Jul 5, 2016 5:46 PM,

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Comfortable and protective
By treefrog family on June 8, 2016
Size: Teen Verified Purchase
Very comfortable says my boys. Flexible, doesn’t move around or pinch, yet protective

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Comfortable cup moves with the athlete

By Isaac on January 27, 2016

Size: Adult

This is a great product for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s very comfortable because it’s totally flexible, which makes it a nice alternative to the traditional hard cup.

Note that this cup is wider than most. It’s totally flexible and more comfortable than traditional cups, and I only mention the width so you’re not surprised when the cup arrives. Highly recommended.

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so I like

By Douglas Eaves on February 8, 2016

Son likes it, so I like it

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Great product! July 6, 2013

By Anthony

Verified Purchase

I’ve never worn compression shorts or a cup before so it felt a little weird at first. But after wearing them for about 10 minutes I forgot all about them. Comfortable and supportive. I’m a little concerned about the pocket that actually holds the cup, feels like I might tear it eventually from pulling the cup out to wash them, but it’s holding up for now. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

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Overall… awesome, April 2, 2011

By Naveed Ismail

The cup is really amazing, especially for my purposes in using it for Jiu Jitsu. Before I had to wear a regular baseball cup and those things are impossible to move in, especially in a sport like submission wrestling. The Spider cup works wonders and makes me feel really protected. The ONLY drawback i find is with the compression shorts the cup comes with. The shorts do stretch and tear at the seams when you’re not super careful about putting them on. I’ve had the cup/shorts for about 3 weeks now and I use it 3 times a week for MMA and overall its awesome.

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Spider Guard, November 1, 2010

By Billy Ellroy

I just recently purchased Spider Guard because I was tired of using all of the uncomfortable cups and I wanted to try something that would make me feel secure yet be very comfortable. I heard about this product from a few friends at my college that play football with me. Not only is the cup comfortable, I end up forgetting I’m even wearing it to begin with.

So yes I highly recommend that you try it.

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Awesome Comfort and Protection, August 30, 2010


I got this cup about a month ago. Since I have enjoyed it thoroughly. It doesn’t dig like my old hard cups did. I had no problems with the shorts. I have also taken some good shots and been fully protected. The comfort alone is worth it.

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My boyfriend loves it!, June 25, 2010

By Wolfcry “Wolfcry” (Kentucky)

I never have been a fan of watching grown men beat each other up. More than once George has come home with something smashed bruised or pulled. Wrestling can be brutal. I was surfing for a replacement cup because the other one he had got cracked. I didnt want to know how. I saw this one and to tell the truth I had my doubts, but I thought if it would help cut back on the bruises my poor baby comes home with it would be worth it. Oh my goodness! It worked! He was so happy and couldnt quit talking about it. Im a hero! No brusing! He says he has way more freedom of movement! Thank you spider Guard. If he has to do this Im glad he has you protecting him.

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comfortable protection, July 21, 2010

By Steve “ramm.net”

Finally replace my old hard plastic cup for softball this year, and this thing is way more comfortable. The one time I needed it, it preformed admirably! Great product, highly recommend.

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Spider Guard Cup ..Finally a cup that doesn’t hurt!!!!, June 7, 2010

By Sick Fan “Sick Fan” (Chicago)

After many years of training full contact karate, kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu..I now FINALLY have a cup that protects is comfortable (and does not actually injure me.)

I actually keep forgetting I am wering it..then i got kicked right in the junk..and I knew I had it on then! It worked like a charm. In fact..when i got kicked before…the hard cup would smash into me and do more damage than protect….not with this cup.

I might feel slight hits a bit more…but nothing that is severe or even painful…but when I take a full shot..it works as good if not better than any hard shell cup.

What took them so long to invent this!!!

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I feel safer playing goalie now., February 27, 2013

By Jonboobalot

The only reason this isn’t 5-stars is because I have not worn this with a jock strap yet so it has moved on me a little each time I play with it. It also has not taken a blow from a football (soccer ball) yet so I dunno if the cup will fully protect my jangles. However, all that being said, it is light, airy, and doesn’t protrude like the solid cups do so it’s a win in my book still.

Decent price and shipped quickly so I like the seller, too!

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The best, November 13, 2012

By Valeriy Tolkov

I was looking for this kind of design. It is flexible and provides an airflow. Other designs boil me alive.

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Great for wear, June 19, 2012

By Markus Jordan (Idaho

This is a cup unlike others I have worn in a jockstrap. I don’t wear it in the pouch but just in the jockstrap, this has a nice feel to it against my skin and is breathable.

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Excellent product-Great service from Amazon, June 3, 2012

By Chuck

The Spider Guard is excellent. I kickbox and is perfect. It actually replaces the metal cup that I used to use. I would highly recommend this product.

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great cup, June 8, 2010

By Robert W. Katz “Hisson” (Louisiana)

i ordered this cup from amazon knowing how great, protective, and confortable it was… amazon sent me an empty package!!! i called spider flex to complain and they were great they sent me a new one free of charge… they then told me that it was amazon’s fault (which it was).

Thank you Spider Flex for making such a great product with such great customer service

and as for amazon…. well i’ll give them another chance but this is a major strike against them

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Best athlethic cup out there!

By CL on April 25, 2013

I bought this product for my 2 sons ages 8 &13 who both play baseball! This is the first athletic cup they did not complain about wearing! Stays in place, durable, and comfortable! As a mom I want to know my kids are protected and I feel great about this product:)

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Good for my skinny son

By Amazon Customer on April 5, 2013

This is a nice product for my skinny son who always felt regular cups too uncomfortable. This cup is flexible which is much more comfortable to him. I can see where it may offer a bit less protection because it is not solid plastic. I only gave it 4 stars for the slightly decreased protection factor. Still a good product, and I am please with it. I would buy it again since my son thinks it is much more comfy.

Every player should wear this supporter!

By R. Armistead on November 29, 2012

My eight year old would constantly adjust the old cup during baseball games, to the dismay of his mother. With the Spider cup, I haven’t seen him adjust it once, before, during, or after three games in one day. My eight year old says the cup doesn’t hurt, or chafe like the old cup. I would highly recommend the Spider cup for any athlete, in any sport, but especially Baseball!

Good for kids who don’t want to wear a traditional cup

By D.A. on November 20, 2012

More comfortable than a hard cup. Possibly provides slightly less protection, but my kid will wear it as opposed to other rigid cups and appears to do the job for lacrosse.

Best youth cup ever !!

By Football/Ballet Mom on November 1, 2012

Only cup my son could actually play football with, without adjusting himself a million times. We’ve been through 3 different cups before finally finding this one – perfect !

My cup runneth over

By Allan R. Rahn on July 1, 2011

The worst thing about cups is the chafing – not with this one. It moves, bends, squeezes, expands – it does what a cup is supposed to do – handle it’s contents firmly, but flexibly. It’s a work of art.

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Finally a comfortable cup, February 11, 2012

By Davo “Davo” (PA)

I see a few negative reviews of this product due to poor impact protection. I guess that’s fair as if i were striking i would go for a metal cup not this one. This cup is marketed to be a comfortable grappling cup and it works for me for that purpose. With hard cups I used to get bruises where the edges of the cup sat due to the constant pressure while grappling. This cup solves that completely and my boys are fine.

4 starsfive_stars_customer

The cup is great, but the size chart does not match what is shipped, October 25, 2013

By M.J. Babcock

The medium that shipped was actually 31-32, not 32-36 as stated.

The Cup is great, plenty of room for a more well endowed guy, breathes great and isn’t too wide that it is uncomfortable.

I got this for playing paint ball and would recommend it to anyone,

5 starsfive_stars_customer

Excellent, September 9, 2013

By Noremac Mahkcap (USA)

It works great. Exactly what it advertises. I highly recommend it for BJJ. Good protection but not too ridged so it is comfortable for both players.

5 starsfive_stars_customer

Great Design, June 12, 2013

By R. A. Neill (Los Angeles, CA USA)

This design improves on the classic with its more flexible and breathable design. Seems well made. Interchanges easily with other brand products

5 starsfive_stars_customer

jockstrap with cup, November 10, 2010

By chris

best jock and protective cup ever had – very comfortable and fits close to the body

Reviewer: Muay Thai Guy from Chicago, IL United States

I have used the Spider Guard in both Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu and its great. It is flexible so you can move but it does not hurt or feel uncomfortable. I forget I am wearing it…(until I get hit)..its really a different cup!!

I started trying to get one of these over a year ago and had zero luck. Amazon was sold out of them, MMAWarehouse was sold out, even the manufacturer couldn’t tell me where to get one. But someone my wife managed to magic one up for me for christmas. I’ve worn it for half a dozen or so classes now so I feel like I can offer a solid review of the strengths and weaknesses of the cup.

My first impression of it was that it was pretty sturdy feeling for a rubber cup with holes all in it. My second impression was that it was a huge pain trying to get the cup into the pocket of the compression shorts. The rubber has a lot of friction and tends to bind up on the compression shorts and not sit in the pocket all the way without considerable fiddling around. It took me a few times to get the hang of how to get it seated properly.

The compression shorts themselves FEEL very fragile. I got a size small because I wanted tight shorts and I have a 29 (This was a typo that had me with a 39 inch waist. Oops! Thanks Georgette!)  inch waist, and when I’m pulling them up I frequently hear strings snapping. That might be normal “settling” but it makes me afraid to pull too hard while I’m getting into them. That being said, they haven’t actually ripped or torn or anything, they just give an impression of fragility.

Once you have them on for a few minutes though they are a DREAM. I forget I’m wearing the cup as soon as I start moving around. It never digs into my stomach when I’m playing inverted guard or getting folded in half while working to finish a triangle. The cup is definitely sturdy enough to shrug off the occasional random groin shot without even a wince and it provides a nice barrier between my junk and my opponent when I’m doing things like mounted triangles or bicep slicers.

This really is an excellent cup for jiujitsu. I don’t think it would stand up well to a full on kick in the crotch, but then again, it might. And for that matter I’ve seen guys break plastic cups in half, and even dent metal ones. I’ve also seen metal cups slide and trap a testicle to nasty effect. The spiderguard flex cup is in no danger of doing anything like that, so I have to see I highly recommend it.

My Rating: 9.5/10. It only missed half a point for the rubber material grabbing the compression shorts and so making it a little fiddly to get inserted. I can not stress enough that this is the MOST comfortable cup I’ve ever worn in 17 years of martial arts training.