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Sean Billings

If you are an mma fighter or any kind of sports player buy the spiderguard cup it is the best cup I have ever owned in my life. Used to have a hard time finding a comfortable cup until I bought this one it’s very flex and it works great!!!

James Krause

“Guys…the Spider Guard got put to use in my WEC fight vs. Ricardo Lamas when I received a strong strike to the groin. I am happy to say Spider Guard passed the test easily and I will definitely be wearing one in every fight from here on out!”

James Krause

Austin Tweedy

Austin Tweedy is a Proffesional MMA fighter

Brett Rogers

MMA Fighter Brett Rogers and his training camp liked the Spider Guard so much that they made a video about it.

Brett Rogers MMA fighter and Coach who fights in the heavyweight division. Rogers has fought in EliteXC, Strikeforce, and Bellator

James H. Clingerman

I love this new Spider Guard cup! After 13 years of Grappling, this is the ONLY cup I have ever worn in competition. It offers a good amount of protection, contained in a light weight, comfortable design that fits great! This is truly a “grappler’s cup”. Thanks Brian!

James H. Clingerman
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt/ Trainer Coach Instructor at Indy Fight Hub Headquarters
Indiana Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy – http://www.IBJJA.com
Extreme Grappling Open (EGO) – http://www.EGOtournaments.com

Greg Jackson

The Spider cup is by far the best cup I’ve used for grappling. If you wrestle or do jiu-jitsu, you owe it to yourself to try one!

Greg Jackson
World renowned professional MMA coach and trainer.

Mike Brown

I like the Spider Guard. It’s enough protection and doesn’t grind it to you groin like a hard cup.
Nice Product for sure!

Mike Brown
UFC fighter and American Top Team Coach

Brian R. Palakow

“I picked up the Spider Guard at an EXPO prior to ten rounds of MMA sparring and used it that same day. I have wrestled for twenty years and competed and trained in MMA and Muay Tai for over eight. This Groin protector is hands down the most comfortable and most effective I have ever used. I strongly recommend this product to anyone at any age who trains in MMA, boxing, BJJ, Tai, etc.
Best MMA product I have seen in years. GET ONE TODAY.

Brian R. Palakow
MMA Broadcaster and Fighter

Javier Vazquez

Spider Guard …… I have been using your cup while training for my next fight at WEC 50 and it is absolutly amasing, By far the best cup I have ever… used. Thanks so much for making such an outstanding product available for us.

Javier Vazquez, also known as “Showtime”, is A former professional mixed martial arts fighter for KOTC, WEC and the UFC, Javier Vazquez is also one of the top grapplers of his generation.

Chris Lytle

Professional MMA Fighter and Coach and Promoter
Chris is a retired American mixed martial artist, boxer and a veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Lytle was prominently featured as a Welterweight on The Ultimate Fighter 4

Andrew Todhunter

Combat Veteran, Army Sniper, UFC Fighter, Amateur and undefeated Pro MMA Champ Andrew “The Sniper” Todhunter.

Jim Glasgow

Fighters from the Gracie Barra Chicago Muay Thai Kickboxing Team used the SAW cup (or Spider Guard) in their June 20th competition in Lansing IL.
“Our guys say the Spider Guard gave them the range of motion, flexibility and comfort they have never experienced in a protective cup. It is now a staple in the equipment bag!”

Jim Glasgow
Team Gracie Barra Muay Thai Chicago

Lance Perry

The Saw Spider Guard cup is the most intelligent and ergonomic athletic support that I have ever used. It gives me the perfect amount of protection with all the mobility that I need when training. Some of the other products that I have used are too bulky and rigid, but in my opinion the Saw Spider Guard is the best product of its kind hands down! When asked by clients to recommend a protective cup for combat sports it’s a no-brainer for me, the Saw Spider Guard.

Lance Perry
Instructor at Indy Fight Hub Headquarters